Commonwealth Policy Center

Among the bills that drew the most attention this past legislative session were related to transgender identity issues and the normalization of LGBT activity in the classroom. In a personal conversation I had with the state legislator I had lamented that there were few people willing to speak out on one of these bills—SB 150 that kept gender dysphoric kids from puberty blockers and life-altering surgeries that could render them infertile. Of course, the reason why was because many fear being targeted and labeled and possibly losing their job. I get that. But unless parents, teachers, and medical professionals, do their part in their respective roles, the law will just be a shell. There is a maxim in public policy says that politics is downstream from culture. And if culture does not support and bolster the law, then the law is useless. Regarding transgender identity being a right for kids, the jury is still out on whether that sticks.