Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Tomorrow, Kentucky voters will go to the polls to determine their party's nominee for governor and five other constitutional offices. But the turnout is expected to be low.  Voting may be an inconvenience at times but being inconvenienced is a small price to pay considering the alternative that inaction and apathy leads to. Recent events from around the globe should bring into focus the great gift we have in freedom and free elections. Food and medicine shortages in Venezuela; Migrant caravans fleeing gang violence in Central America; And Turkish and Egyptian leaders locking up political dissidents. All are just a few jarring examples of government's heavy-handed oppression. Our free elections are a gift. But if we're going to maintain our gift of freedom, we need to get and vote. Prove the projections wrong and please make time in your schedule to vote tomorrow. The polls are open from 6am-6pm.