Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The Young America’s Foundation (YAF) released its annual report on the state of higher education in America. Their report, called Comedy and Tragedy,  “document[s] the intellectual abuse and flat-out indoctrination happening by way of the appalling curriculum at our country’s most (so-called) prestigious institutions of higher education.” Controversial course titles include: “Sex and Socialism,” “Cowboys, Gangsters, and Drag Kings: Introduction to Critical Masculinity Studies,” and “Gendered Politics of Food.” The report notes a proliferation of courses on Marxism, “eco-feminism,” and “queer environmentalism.”  The report is troubling in that too many universities are spending time on the banal and unhealthy, instead of pursuing the good, the true and the beautiful. When higher education cultivate virtues and the development of a healthy mind it benefits society, but when it does otherwise, it defeats its purpose.