Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Last week Humana announced that it is pulling out of several states after posting a billion dollars in losses. UnitedHealthcare, and Aetna, also announced major losses and that they are scaling back from Obamacare next year. All of this spells trouble for health care reforms that were supposed to make health insurance widely available and more affordable. Many families have seen exactly the opposite. Here in Kentucky, Gov. Bevin pulled Kentucky out of the Obamacare health insurance exchange because it was too costly. And for those still receiving Medicaid —he's incentivized the benefits. They must sign up for education or job training classes if they're unemployed; Must pursue healthy life choices and pay a small premium if they are able. Such requirements are innovative and require Kentuckians to have some ownership in their health-care decisions—agree with it or not— that's some kind of reform.