Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The past weeks and months have brought us a steady stream of dire warnings from Washington.  In the waning days before Sequestration hit on Friday, the danger sirens and flashing lights blared as both political parties attempted to manipulate the situation to their own gain. Yet, for good or bad, there appears to be little real concern among most of the American people.  Perhaps they are shell shocked from the constant state of crisis Washington and the media thrive on, or maybe they just recognize the tiny size of the cuts in the overall perspective of our budget.

When you realize that we borrow 46 cents of every dollar spent by the Federal Government, and the sequester only saves a little more than 2 cents from every  dollar, it is harder to get worked up over the situation.  No doubt there are those in power working to ensure that even these tiny cuts are as painful as possible.  We would't want the American people thinking government can shrink without unbearable pain, now would we? For that reason homeland security is releasing illegal aliens, instead of cutting the cost of trying to deport German home schoolers in Tennessee.  But on the whole, I'm afraid I'm more inclined to agree with most Americans and rate this so called crisis with a yawn.  Wake me up when someone gets serious about tackling our nation's budget problems.