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One week post sequestration, and the sky hasn't fallen.  In fact, it would appear crow is on the menu in Washington, as many of the dire pre-sequestration predictions are proving to be little more than political scare tactics, exaggerations, and even out right lies. 

Turns out, Capitol janitors haven't been materially impacted, teachers haven't received pink slips, and kids have yet to be kicked out of programs like Head Start.

Instead, last week we saw the stock market hit record highs, the unemployment rate fall, and the economy add more jobs than expected.  Most assuredly, those things did not occur because of the sequestration.  However, they clearly did manage to occur in spite of the sequestration.

Things just aren't working out for the doom and gloomers at the moment, but at least they will have something to blame if anything should go wrong in the next few months.  In the mean time, I'm left wondering what else we can cut, and thinking, in the words of a cartoon I saw once, "If this is torture, chain me to the wall!"


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