Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

At what point does journalism cease being journalism and become something else? That's the question alluded to on the Kentucky Senate Floor by Senate President Robert Stivers. Senator Stivers was so outraged with a Lexington Herald-Leader news story for misreporting and misrepresentation of the truth that he called them out on the Senate floor to retract the story. The usually calm mannered Senator from Eastern Kentucky was incensed and said that "there is nothing that really exceeds the Herald-Leader's ignorance other than their arrogance." The long and the short of it is that John Cheves blamed Senate Republicans for not taking up a bill that addressed a child abuse and neglect situation that took place under a prior administration and one which is much bigger than a single piece of legislate would fix. The piece went beyond journalism and as Stivers said, got into the realm of "gotcha politics" something we could do without.