Director of Content and Engagement, Commonwealth Policy Center

Republicans had a successful election night nationally, adding multiple U.S House of Representatives seats and taking or maintaining control of 55 out of 99 state legislative chambers. Two of those chambers are the Kentucky House and Senate where we saw Republicans add two Senate seats and 13 House seats. This increases their supermajorities to 30-8 and 75-25 respectively. This “red wave” came as a repudiation of the Democratic Party’s acceptance of socialism, cancel culture, and their rejection of law enforcement. But those weren’t the only reasons that the Republicans saw such state-wide success, Commonwealth Policy Center started recruiting and training these candidates over a year ago. CPC’s involvement in the election came through (1) endorsements and recommendations, (2) social media promotion, (3) voter guide mailings, and (4) radio. Here is how each of those faired:

Endorsements & Recommendations: 92.8%

Mailed Voter Guides: 85.7%

Social Media: 82%

Radio: 100%