Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Ever had guests that wore out their welcome? That may be the case in one Eastern Kentucky city.  Elkhorn City is in Pike County and some residents aren’t happy with the taping of a new reality TV show being produced for MTV.  The show’s called “Made in Kentucky” and it follows a group of young adults as they come of age…which is code for partying and pulling off pranks.

Mike Taylor, Mayor of Elkhorn City, is concerned the show will cast a shadow over the city’s image.  The city initially approved the taping of the show in the city, but now the mayor is now concerned the show will make residents of mountain community “look like idiots.”

MTV produced a similar show in 2013 in Charleston, West Virginia called Buckwild.  That show was canceled before the second season because one of the cast members died from an alcohol related accident.  At a time when many people keep their screens within arm’s reach, this story reminds us that not everything is worth broadcasting.