Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The pro-life movement has made great gains in the last several years. A majority of Americans now identify as pro-life. Prudent laws requiring parental consent, full disclosure, and clinic standards on par with non-abortion facilities have all combined to reduce abortions to their lowest numbers since 1973. The movement has been successful because of a change in tactics and strategy. Listen to what David Frum said in a recent article in the Atlantic:

  • This is the fascinating irony of the pro-life movement. The cause originated as a profoundly socially conservative movement. Yet as it grew, it became less sectarian. Women came to the fore as leaders. It found a new language of concern and compassion, rather than condemnation and control. Most radically and decisively, the movement made its peace with unwed parenthood as the inescapable real-world alternative to abortion.

Abortions are at record lows for a number of reasons and they continue to decline. The dignity of the unborn is being restored from state legislative level all the way down to local neighborhoods where pregnancy care centers (some 2000 exist across the nation) help young girls and women in crisis pregnancies. Kentucky is seeing a decline in abortion as well. Yet there is much to be done. Perhaps our state legislature will take note. It's been over a decade since a single pro-life bill has passed both chambers. Maybe 2015 will be different.  Isn't it time they led the way to restore the most basic right to the unborn that all of us enjoy today?