Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Primary update

The biggest news in the Kentucky primary was that Barack Obama was beaten in 67 counties by a candidate named “Uncommitted.” If it weren’t for Lexington and Louisville, he would have lost Kentucky.  Political science guru, Larry Sabato, who heads the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, called the showing “embarrassing.”  Altogether 67 of Kentucky’s 120 counties voted “uncommitted” while one county tied. The president’s unpopularity will likely be a positive for Republican candidates this November.

Tea Party Challenges

Thomas Massie won the 4th Congressional District handily, beating a judge-executive, state legislator and four other candidates. Massie is an articulate spokesman for reigning in government spending and likened in many ways to Rand Paul.  

Conservative incumbent Republicans in the House and Senate won handily over their Tea Party challengers. The Tea Party is influential, but proven statesmanship and performance in office has trumped some of the rhetoric on the campaign trail.

One Democrat ousted from House

Democrat incumbent Wade Hurt (D-Louisville) lost by a landslide with only 36.62% of the vote. He originally won as a Republican after his challenger was disqualified for an invalid signature on his filing papers. Hurt switched parties last year and then lost to the same challenger in the primary.

Commonwealth Policy Center Candidates

Not to be overshadowed by the presidential primary were State House primaries. Our candidates fared very well. Below is their margin of victory.

H-2 Richard Heath 78.66%

H-36 Jonathan Shell 58.16%

H-61 Brian Linder 52.58%

H-63 Diane St. Onge 76.74%

H-76 Richard Marrs 62.70%

H-79 Chris Logan 72.75%

H-80 David Meade 45.93%

They will be joining several other pro-family, pro-life, fiscally conservative candidates from across Kentucky who will be on the ballot in the general election. I believe that our work to educate voters on the issues and candidates will make a tremendous difference this election year. Thank you for your prayers and support as we labor to elevate statesmen to serve in the legislature. Onward to November!