Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The ads for male enhancement products used to leave adults blushing during televised sports.  If you saw the political commercials during the World Series you know the game has changed.  The Cubs and the Indians were desperate to win, but not as desperate as the two leading presidential candidates.

Campaign ads from both candidates featured language that will get you grounded at our house.  We’re tempted to blame politicians for the moral decline in society.  Unfortunately, it’s the other way around.  Politicians represent the people in America.  And these ads are a mirror that reveals just how far America’s moral compass has slipped. 

They used to have to sling mud in these ads.  Now they just show how the other is wallowing in it.  Isn’t it a sad day when the most exciting and most watched World Series in more than 20 years is filled with political commercials that parents have to censor?