Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The ongoing saga of Planned Parenting is enough to make a person dizzy. The organization is now claiming videos revealing its officials discussing harvesting organs from aborted children were heavily edited and deceptive. Never mind that a story trumpeting the video's distortions from Politico even stated “there is no evidence that the anti-abortion group (the Center for Medical Progress) behind the attack made up dialogue.” This type of smoke-and-mirrors approach is nothing new for defenders of Planned Parenthood. For example, the group likes to proclaim only 3 percent of its annual services consist of abortions, but between 2011 and 2012, 3 percent equaled to 327,166 abortions, compared to only 2,197 adoption referrals over the same time period. This tactic of essentially saying, “Oh, it's not that bad” is a common one for the nation's largest provider of abortions. The fact of the matter in the videos is that human tissue and organs are being taken from the bodies of aborted children. Even if the CMP edited its videos, this fact remains clear, as do the numbers that show Planned Parenthood promotes an abortion culture, with little regard for adoption. The spin may be on, but the truth always stops in the same place.