Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

It feels like every week, what was once considered a fallacious "slippery slope" argument from traditionalists has actually become reality. From the revocation of religious liberty to codified transgenderism in public schools, moral insanity reigns.

At National Review, Katherine Timpf calls attention to a sickening consideration by a Las Vegas school board. The suits in charge of Clark County's students are mulling adding sex education to kindergarten curriculum. The new material would describe masturbation to 5 through 8 year olds, and include discussion on homosexuality:

Superintendent Pat Skorkowsky tried to calm the outraged parents by assuring them that the board had not formally proposed the policy for the district — it was simply seeking community input.

But some say the board seems to be purposely limiting community involvement in the decision. In fact, the meetings are invite-only.

“I felt it was quite limited in scope and who was able to attend,” parent Nicole Luth said.

What is this if not a concentrated effort to sexualize the lives of children? Note too the dismissiveness towards the outrage of the parents. The implication is that parents are ill-certified to instruct their children about sexuality. The notion should be offensive to all sides of the political spectrum, and deeply troubling to anyone with a modicrum of moral sanity about children.