Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Homosexuality and transgenderism lifestyle are now being taught as completely normal, and discourse on their validity is becoming increasingly difficult. The Lexington Herald-Leader recently featured an article on J'Lissabeth Faughn, a Lexington-based “transgender educator and social activist.” She offers programs such as “Unlearning Homophobia” and “Beyond Diversity Toward Inclusion” to schools and businesses. The article praises Faughn's attempts to make the LGBT lifestyle more acceptable, but it offers no flip side to such efforts, such as religious, scientific, or social beliefs. It also mentions “vitriolic backlash” against Bruce Jenner's recent photo on the cover of Vanity Fair, but does nothing to acknowledge rational arguments against such displays. Activists such as Faughn preach tolerance and understanding while marginalizing those who disagree with them. If the sexual revolutionaries truly want to foster peace, they should realize there are two sides to every argument.