Director of Content and Engagement, Commonwealth Policy Center

Matt Jones, founder of popular University of Kentucky Athletics radio program and website “Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR)”, announced last week that he would not run for US Senate against Amy McGrath in the 2020 Democratic Primary. The winner of that primary would go on to face US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in the general election. Jones has been talked about as a potential candidate in the Democratic party for a few years now and picked up some steam as a challenger for Majority Leader McConnell’s seat. As Jones seemed on the verge of running for office, he was legally required by the FEC to step away from KSR. Now that he has decided not to run, he will be allowed to return to his regular role at KSR. Amy McGrath, who lost to District 6 US Senator Andy Barr in 2018, will likely remain the sole Democratic challenger in the 2020 General Election against the incumbent Senator Mitch McConnell.