Director of Content and Engagement, Commonwealth Policy Center

Linda Blackford’s recent column criticizing Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) policies and apparent defense of disorderly conduct by KY Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman, who was recently arrested at the KFB’s annual breakfast, is baffling.

It’s not against the law to have conservative values. However, disorderly conduct and menacing is criminal. So why is the Lexington Herald-Leader siding with bullies?

Blackford labels the KFB’s stances on gay marriage and transgender bathrooms “discrimination” in one breath, then in the next she discriminates against the farmers and the rural constituency whom the KFB represents by implying they should stick to agricultural issues. The KFB advocates on a multitude of issues deemed important by its members.

Ms. Blackford asserts that KFB fails to focus on climate change, tariffs, and the burning of the Amazon. However, pages 5 and 19 of the KFB policy papers stakes out their positions on forestry issues. Page 47 states their position on environmental issues, and page 13 calls for fiscal responsibility at all levels of government.

Ironically, the Lexington Herald-Leader is siding with bully tactics and incivility- both of which undermine free speech and civil discourse that the news media depends on.