Commonwealth Policy Center

One of the big issues that has emerged in Kentucky’s governor’s race is whether minors should be able to to take puberty blockers and get sex changes. Gov. Andy Beshear is now running a TV ad denying he supports gender intervention for children. The ad claims that such interventions aren’t happening in Kentucky. However, a letter from UK Healthcare Office of Chief Physician Executive Jay Grider to State Rep. James Tipton (R-Taylorsville) confirmed that UK’s Transform Clinic provides cross sex hormone therapy for minors age 14 and older. This is the first step to transitioning young children to the opposite sex. The letter also confirms that UK’s Transform Clinic performed double mastectomy’s on “older adolescent” females. While Gov. Beshear is expected to change his messaging, children who undergo “sex changes” won’t have that luxury as they’ll be locked into a lifetime of pain and regret.