1. Allen Morel

    Thank your Richard for your straight forward reporting about mail in ballots.
    We are praying for the Lord’s hand in protecting the upright according to His promises and righteousness for we know that the curse of the Lord is upon the house of the wicked and He blesses the home of the upright. Prov.3

    We love our country and Kentucky and desire for the Commonwealth to stay at the forefront of what is good and wholesome in the United States of America. We also understand that we live in evil times but wholeheartedly believe God is good to those who love Him and is working even the elections out for according to His purpose.

    We commit to pray for our state and federal government particularly Governor Andy Beshear and President Donald Trump. May they know and confess God and His righteousness with fear and trembling in their own hearts.

    May the Lord bless you and yours with His abundance of grace in and through your efforts.

  2. Lenora Denise Mayes

    No to mail in voting unless usual condition for reason not able to be in person.
    I read somewhere that the National Guard could be available at polls and handle the in person voting.
    Also if mail in make it mandatory for
    Acceptance that an ID be attached for verification.
    I have never voted without having to show my KY D/L.
    I with many others do not trust mail in voting!


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