Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Kim Davis is back in the news. Remember her? She's the county clerk from Eastern Kentucky who refused to put her signature on a gay marriage license.  A federal judge ruled that Davis doesn't have to pay the legal fees of the couple that sued her. In fact, they were seeking $233,000 in legal fees. Gay couples came from all across the county tried to force Davis to issue them a license. One couple flew all the way from San Francisco and demanded that Davis sign their marriage certificate. This is far from a live and let live attitude. It's vindictive and something all in the Bluegrass appear to be rejecting. There's been lots of talk about the "right side of history," but maybe its would  be better to talk about who's on the right side of "right and wrong." And according to a federal judge, punishing a county clerk and forcing her to pay her opponent's legal bills is wrong.