Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Ever notice that gambling proponents make the argument that casino gambling is necessary in Kentucky in order to keep Kentucky dollars from funding casinos not in our state? It’s not that gambling is wrong, predatory, or immoral, but rather a subtler message, as though to say: “Hey, if you’re going to ruin your life and bankrupt your family, do it in our state!” Gambling interests’ soak-the-poor Kentucky Wins! recently sent a blast out to their e-mail list arguing, again, that billions of Kentucky dollars are leaving the state.


Prove it. Time and time again, we’re told that billions are leaving the state. But then we’re told that it’s millions that will go to fund our budget. So what is it? Billions? Millions? Trillions? Kentuckians deserve precise answers on the amounts they stand to lose, not just projections.