Director of Content and Engagement, Commonwealth Policy Center

Kentucky just launched the new “My Life, My Quit” program which pairs teen smokers/vapers with a personal coach to help them quit either vice. This push comes on the heels of major vape producer JUUL’s announcement that they would discontinue sales of their mint-flavored vapor products. The mint-flavored product line at JUUL made up 70% of their sales, but after JUUL was indicated as the most popular brand used by the 50% of American teens who vape, the vapor giant felt the pressure to act. The vaping trend in Kentucky is a dangerous and serious one that will likely be discussed by the state legislature at length in the coming legislative session. The “My Life, My Quit” program provides teens five sessions with their personal coach free of charge. Indiana joined Kentucky in this effort, enacting their own program “Behind the Haze”. If you or a loved one need help to quit smoking or vaping, please call 1-800-QUIT-NOW.