Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

This election season has been brutal. Millions have been spent by candidates and PACs to criticize and attack the opposition. Many Kentuckians I've talked to over the last couple of weeks are tired of negative campaigning and can't wait for it to be over. However, there is an interesting political fact that has escaped much attention—the first African-American candidate for Lt. Governor is on the ballot. Her name is Jenean Hampton. She's a conservative Republican and Matt Bevin's running mate. Her platform of social conservatism, smaller government, fiscal and personal responsibility and encouraging entrepreneurship. resonates with the GOP base. This hasn't received much attention, partly because Jenean hasn't made a big deal about it. She'd rather have people judge her by her accomplishments (she's served as an Air Force officer, managed a factory, and has been involved in community organizations). She told the Louisville Courier Journal earlier this month "I just see myself as a person, I don't see myself as 'Jenean, black person.' I'm just Jenean who happens to be black," she said.The race for governor/lieutenant.governor is close and while she could be making hay over her race in order to get elected she'd rather stake her legacy by what she'd do once in office. Rather refreshing isn't it?