Is Trump Against the Postal Service?

By Staff


August 27, 2020

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Pres. Trump has opposed the $25 billion bailout Democrats proposed for the US Postal Service and coupled with recent comments he made against mail-in voting, he’s being accused of trying to undermine USPS and sabotage the election. Conspiratorialists point to the removal of letter collection boxes, decommissioning automated mail sorters, and cutting back on overtime as proof that the president is trying to undermine mail-in voting. Problem is, these changes were put in place years ago to help the financially strapped agency become more solvent. The Postal Service won’t run out of money if they don’t get the bailout and Postmaster General Louis DeJoy assures us that they’ll be able to handle mail-in ballots. So anti-Trumpers will have to find another boogeyman to blame.


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