Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

John Cheves, political reporter at the Lexington Herald-Leader has done great work in investigating the discontent of pro-life foces in Kentucky, and their constant misfortune with having pro-life bills placed in Rep. Tom Burch's committee. 

Cheves captures the air of inevitablity about the pro-life cause turning the screw on the Democratically-controlled House of Represenatives. As the bill makes clear, passage of pro-life legislation would be a guaranteed bet, if it were not for Burch's graveyard commitee that's strategically stacked with Kentucky's most ardent liberals, a committee designed to kill all pro-life legislation, which it has done for nine years. As the article makes clear, if and when the GOP takes control of the House, passage of pro-life legislation will be one of the first priorities of a Republican-controlled House. All that stands from making that a reality is a small margin of seats that the GOP needs to capture. The power vacuum of the Democratic party in the House is leaking and leaking quickly.

While the article doesn't say so, it captures that the democratic hold on killing pro-life legislation is on its last breath. The tradition of Burch is coming to an end, thankfully; and every electoral season, his ilk continues its descent into irrelevance by showing just how out-of-step he and his committee are with the majority of Kentuckians. 

I heartily recommend reading this article to gain an awareness of the pressing injustice that a few urban liberals have in killing any and all bills that bring a modicum of sanity to our abortion culture.