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Kentucky House District 88 Race

The information below was compiled by voting records and a candidate questionnaire distributed by the Commonwealth Policy Center,
a nonprofit, nonpartisan Kentucky organization.

Cherlynn Stevenson

Aaron Yates



Paid for by the Commonwealth Policy PAC, UCC. Not authorized by any candidate or campaign.


*This Legislation would require educators to incorporate LGBT curriculum in sex education classes as early as Kindergarten.

1 Rep. Stevenson is endorsed by Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky. Source: Planned Parenthood Action Kentucky. She also voted against SB 9 (2020) which would have outlawed infanticide. Source: Kentucky Legislative Research Commission (KYLRC).

2 Rep. Stevenson voted against HB 254 (2019) which protected Freedom of Speech and Expression on college campuses. She also sponsored the state-wide Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Protections Bill (HB 225) that threatens employers’ religious freedom rights. Source: KY LRC.

3 Rep. Stevenson does not support funding private schools through public education funds and does not support tax credits for those who choose to send their children to private schools. Source: 2018 Prichard Survey.

4 “In addition to changes in our tax laws, we need new, dedicated streams of revenue like expanded gambling, sports betting… and medical cannabis.” Source: www.cherlynnstevenson.com.

5 Rep. Stevenson was endorsed by the Fairness Campaign in 2018. Source: C-Fair. Stevenson also co-sponsored the K-12 LGBT Sex Education Bill (HB 296). Source: KY LRC.

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The Commonwealth Minute

The Commonwealth Minute is a daily radio commentary heard on over 40 stations, provides perspective on issues that affect Kentuckians.

I received an email the other day from somebody who objected to a recent update I sent out. The letter was cynical and derisive about many things in our culture. Such cynicism is corrosive and undermines the ability to change for the better.

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The evangelical campus ministry Cru has faced criticism for its approach to gender and sexuality. Cru’s training curriculum accepts the term “gay Christian” and recommends practicing “pronoun hospitality."

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Former Pres. Trump and country music star Lee Greenwood have released the “God Bless the USA Bible.” The $60 King James Bible includes our nation’s founding documents and Greenwood’s handwritten lyrics to his classic song.

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