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Is a Drag Show in church the way to show God’s unconditional love? The leadership of Calvary Episcopal Church in Louisville thinks so. Last month, the church hosted a concert: “Drag Me to Church: A Gospel Drag Show.” I’m not making this up. The church’s bulletin cover explains their philosophy: “Calvary’s welcome extends to all. But more importantly — God welcomes you for exactly who you are.” But the Christian faith has taught for 2000 years that God calls His people to do more than persist in their self-contrived ways. Whether it’s sexual immorality, wealth, status, or power, God calls us to surrender our idols and be conformed to His image, not ours. The church’s mission is to proclaim a gospel of hope that begins with repentance and faith in Christ. And this requires us to bear our cross, whatever it may be, and follow Him.