Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Dear editor Kentucky New Era,

Last Saturday’s paper included two stories promoting homosexual literature to parents and children. One article entitled, “Writer David Levithan on LGBT books for the young,” states that “[t]he best thing parents can do, whether their kids end up queer or straight, is to acknowledge all of the different options that are out there, and letting their kids know that they support them no matter which options end up being theirs.”  While we should agree that parents should offer unconditional love to their children, shouldn’t parents equally guide their children according to moral principles and teach them right from wrong? Shouldn’t parents impress upon them at an early age that all choices are not equal and that different actions have different consequences?

The other article “Books for parents, LGBTQ experience,” reviewed one book that implicitly promotes the idea of homosexual marriage to preschoolers. Another reviewed book pushes the idea of transgenderism to young children. Yet another posits that homosexual orientation cannot change. That there are so many books promoting the practice of homosexuality, bisexuality and transexualism to children and parents, I did not know.

Perhaps in a future article you could share other books and resources that teach parents and children that we live in a moral universe. Maybe you could promote books that expound upon the reasons for the timeless definition of marriage. You could offer reviews about books that share personal stories about homosexuals who have left that lifestyle.  In doing so, you will have offered your readers balance when broaching this very controversial topic.

Sincerely yours,

Richard Nelson
Executive Director
Commonwealth Policy Center