Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

With the 2014 General Assembly just around the corner, gambling advocates are back to their old ways and insisting, yet again, that Kentuckians deserve the right to vote on whether to bring expanded gambling (casinos) into the Commonwealth. Despite Kentucky not being a referendum state, advocates are calling on the legislature to bypass its duty to weigh in on the soundness or unsoundness of gambling and send the issue directly to the people.  

That said, an important debate on the future of gambling in the Commonwealth was held on Monday evening's "Kentucky Tonight" with Bill Goodman featuring Kentucky Senate Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum, R-Fairdale; State Rep. Tim Moore, R-Elizabethtown; Ed Glasscock, co-chair of Kentucky Wins; and Kent Ostrander, executive director of The Family Foundation of Kentucky. The differing sides of the debate are pretty clear—those who stand to profit from expanded gambling and those who want to protect Kentucky families from the ravages of predatory gaming.

For all those interested in what will surely be a major point of debate facing the legislature and all Kentucky families, we encourage you to watch the video