Commonwealth Policy Center

Former Lawrence County Attorney Michael T. Hogan, and his wife were sentenced to prison for wire fraud in U.S. District Court. The couple embezzled more than $365,000 from the Lawrence County Delinquent Tax Account. They also defrauded the Lawrence County Child Support Enforcement Office. Carlton S. Shier IV, United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Kentucky. “As an elected County Attorney, he was responsible for upholding the law; instead, he brazenly broke it, at the expense of those who elected him. His conduct will leave lasting damage, both from the theft and from the resulting loss of faith in government officials and law enforcement. His prosecution and sentence are the first steps in the effort to restore that faith.” FBI agent Jodi Cohen said, “Public corruption erodes the people’s trust in our government officials and fuels divisiveness in our community. We have been crystal clear that corruption, at any level, will not be tolerated in Kentucky.”