Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

During the holiday season we have the opportunity to enjoy foods that we don’t get the rest of the year.  Sometimes it tastes good going down, but we have to deal with the heartburn that comes later.  It’s the same with our holiday purchases as well.  We buy presents…and sometimes charge them on a credit card.  Then, the heartburn of interest rates follows in January.  The Commonwealth is feeling the fiscal heartburn of the irresponsible spending of legislatures past.  More than heartburn, though, we’ve hit a wall.  Our state government is spending more than it’s bringing in…and to make ends meet we’ve been dipping from the state retirement fund.  This has to stop. In fact, it needs to be repaired and reversed.  In just a few days, the General Assembly will convene their 2018 session.  Make sure your legislator knows that fiscal integrity is important to you and let them know you want them to be responsible with the Commonwealth’s dollars, which are really your dollars.