Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear has been abundantly clear on one point since the U.S. Supreme Court's recent ruling on gay marriage: County clerks all over the state are expected to issue marriage licenses to homosexual couples. As evidenced by his recent directive to Casey County Clerk Casey Davis to either issue the licenses or resign, Beshear is taking the matter seriously. What he is not taking seriously, however, is a petition signed by 57 county clerks requesting a special session to address issues relating to same-sex marriages. These clerks who signed the petition are concerned their First Amendment rights may be violated as they are asked to carry out duties which are against their religious beliefs. Beshear, however, will not agree to the special session. Considering clerks which may not have even been elected yet may have similar questions in the future, it would behoove the governor to address these questions sooner rather than later. Fifty-seven clerks would agree.