Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The concept of Chinese water torture is a relatively simple one: The repetitive, slow drip, drip, drip of water onto a restrained person's forehead will allegedly drive them insane. It is a concept that can be found in nature as well, as the slow dripping of water can even wear down stone. That gradual drip can be found in today's culture, as years of lobbying for homosexual rights has shifted the opinion of many Americans from being opposed to gay marriage to now being in favor of it. According to a recent Bluegrass Poll, a majority of Kentuckians still oppose gay marriage, but a further breakdown of the numbers shows the cultural impact taking hold. While 57 percent of Kentuckians overall still oppose gay marriage, half of voters age 18-34 actually favor the practice. What this shows is that the traditional values of the older generation are not passing on to the younger one. Those who want to uphold the standard of marriage being between one man and one woman will have to work even harder to stem the tide of public opinion, because the water isn't going to stop dripping anytime soon.