Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundgren Grimes is projecting approximately 10 percent of the 3.1 million people registered to vote in Kentucky will actually show up to the polls for this year's primary election Tuesday, May 19. To put that into further perspective, that 10 percent equates to 310,000 voters. Sadly, this low expected turnout falls in line with the last several primary elections in Kentucky. Whether it is from a lack of information or simple dissatisfaction with the candidates on the ballot, Kentuckians are just not getting out to vote these days. This is a real shame for several reasons. On a primary and historical level, the right to vote in this country was paid for by the blood of many men. Beyond that, officials are going to take office whether voters cast their ballots for them or not. It is the duty of the voter to choose the candidate which best fits their system of beliefs. Unfortunately, no candidate will ever be perfect, but voters must at least make an effort to shape a government more to their liking. For the sake of the Commonwealth and nation, let us hope Secretary Grimes' numbers are wrong this year.