Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

You've heard of driving under the influence, well in Northern Kentucky, they have a problem with "drugged driving," which is the latest fallout from the heroin epidemic.  Since October 1, Kenton County prosecuted 38 drivers for felonies because they were operating vehicles while high on heroin or other opioids. State Sen. John Schickel, who represents part of Northern Kentucky proposes taking driver's license away from those who've been caught using the illegal drugs. This is because opioid users are prone to seizures and can become a danger on the road. Schickel also proposes tougher penalties for drug traffickers and bemoans what says is the state "going soft on street level dealers." Schickel's desire to do something about this crisis is commendable but legislators should try to find why is their such a demand for dangerous and potentially life-ending drugs in the first place.