Director, Commonwealth Policy Center


It is a common tactic of the gay political lobby to absolve homosexual behavior with some great achievement of a practiting homosexual. Roger Guffey recently wrote an op-ed in the May 18 edition of the Lexington Herald-Leader and dropped a great deal of ink on the page listing many homosexuals and some purported homosexuals who were successful in their various fields. While no serious critic disputes the cultural contributions that gay artists, musicians and philosophers have made to society, it is dubious to suppose that they were great because of their sexual practices. 

Aaron Copland was judged for the beautiful music he wrote, W.H. Auden for his poetry, and Rock Hudson for his acting ability. Not one of their societal contributions were based upon what they did in private behind closed doors.  Nor do their cultural accomplishments establish the goodness or rightness of homosexuality.  That is a separate issue. Many of the examples that Guffey cites did not wear their homosexuality on their shirt sleeve. I wonder how many would appreciate it if they knew that their bedroom habits have been dragged into public view to score political points?