Cultural Marxism

By Richard Nelson


June 18, 2020

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If one’s political opinions and ideas don’t align with the political left, that person will be bullied and even ruined. David Harsanyi believes that “We’re in the dawn of a high-tech, bloodless Cultural Revolution; one that relies on intimidation, public shaming, and economic ruin to dictate what words and ideas are permissible in the public square.” Consider that the New York Times Opinion Page Editor was forced out because he ran a guest column that called for using the military to restore order. Sacramento Kings play-by-play announcer Grant Napear was forced to resign after saying the words “all lives matter.” Editors of Refinery29 and Bon Appetit both lost their jobs for alleged “racist aggressions.” Failure to embrace uniformity of thought and language that ends in ruin has a name: Cultural Marxism. And it has no place in America.


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