Commonwealth Policy Center

Demonstrators took to the streets in Cuba shouting “Down with the dictatorship.” Some waved the American flag as they demanded dictator Miguel Díaz-Canel to step down. Interestingly, Diaz-Canal blamed the U.S. for its economic troubles. The protests are rare on the communist island because such acts are considered treasonous, and protestors face jail time. But Covid has hit Cuba just 90 miles from Florida, and the government isn’t accepting outside help. There are food and fuel shortages that have contributed to the unrest. Cuba has lived under the heavy hand of authoritarian rule for decades, and now the people who’ve effectively lived in a third-world country are saying no more. It’s ironic that while Cubans are throwing off the shackles of government abuse, forces in our nation are extolling the virtues of government akin to Cuba’s that promises to provide everything.