Commonwealth Policy Center

In a recent interview, CNN Commentator Ashley Allison said “For so long in this country, our history has been told through the lens of whiteness and if you’re used to having that privilege, that authority invoked in you that your story is the dominant culture, that your perspective is more relevant than mine perspective because I’m not white and then changing that [story] might feel uncomfortable to you. Critical Race Theory says we need to expand the story to tell everyone’s perspective.” But has American history been told through the lens of whiteness? Isn’t suggesting such a thing in itself by definition racist? While our national sin of slavery and Jim Crow has been abolished, America remains a melting pot of all nations and all ethnicities. This is because America is based on the idea that all are created equal and should be treated equally before the law.  The problem with CRT is that it makes race the lens through which its advocates look at our history and all aspects of American life. CRT focusses on grievance and leads to wedges between races. But mostly, this theory’s blind spot is that racism can exist within any race. And it ignores the fact that at the root of racism is sin, which can only be addressed by the Great Reconciler of mankind, Jesus.