Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

Former pro-football player and sportscaster Craig James was sacked by Fox Sports last fall for the egregious error of supporting marriage between one man and one woman.  He recently scored a job with the Family Research Council.  "… Craig and his wife decided to turn the adversity into an opportunity. At FRC, Craig will try to level the playing field for other Americans facing the same kind of viewpoint discrimination. "The task is great and the challenge is huge for those of us who are fighting for religious liberty and freedom under the Constitution," he said in an interview about his new venture. "After I was fired by Fox Sports, I was deeply moved and emboldened by the countless number of people and organizations like FRC that came to my side. Now it's my turn to offer encouragement to others encountering the same kind of religious bigotry. While the challenges to our freedoms are great, I strongly believe the game is far from over."