Commonwealth Policy Center

The Commonwealth Policy Center had the privilage of working on two of the pro-life pieces of legislation passed in the last legislative session. In 2020, CPC is going to target the following pieces of legislation as we work alongside the KY House and Senate:

☑ Pass the Human Rights Commissions Act, which requires local Human Rights Commissions to have an equal number of Republicans and Democrats.

☑ Pass the Protection of Children’s Biological Integrity Act, which prohibits parents from transitioning their children from their born gender.

☑ Pass SB 1 which would ban sanctuary cities in Kentucky.

☑ Pass SB 2 which would require a government-issued photo ID to vote in all elections.

☑ Pass the Constitutional Amendment on Abortion (HB 67), which would amend the State Constitution to make clear that abortion is not a protected right under the Kentucky Constitution. It would also prohibit the use of public funds to procure an abortion.

☑ Defeat of SB 85 and HB 199 which ban counseling minors to leave the LGBT lifestyle.

☑ Defeat of HB 136 which would legalize and regulate medicinal marijuana.

☑ Defeat of HB 137 which would expand gambling on professional and college sports.

CPC is dedicated to passing vital pieces of legislation listed above and defeating the harmful ones. The essential function of our government is to protect and serve the people. All people. This should include the unborn, those struggling with same sex attraction, and the children whose parents are seeking to transition them to another gender. As it currently stands, these protections are either not law, or need to be clarified.

Please call the Legislative Message Line (open 8am-11pm EST) to voice your opinion on these issues (800) 372-7181.