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CPC Supports Bill Restricting Sexually Oriented Performances in Publicly Owned Places
Date: March 02, 2023
Contact: Richard Nelson –

(Frankfort, KY) – A bill addressing unregulated drag shows in public places where children are present was debated in a Kentucky state Senate committee today. SB 115 proposes to restrict sexually explicit performances in public areas and to shield children from this activity.

CPC Executive Director Richard Nelson told the Senate Veterans Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee that public drag performances that mimic stripping where children are present is becoming increasingly common. “There is a real need to restrict sexually oriented activities and to protect children from an activity that appeals to prurient interests,” Nelson said. “The intention of the bill is to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the community and to ameliorate the negative secondary effects associated with such sexual performances.”

Nelson added that restrictions on sexually oriented businesses and activity have been upheld in court. At least 14 other states are considering legislation similar to SB 115. Tennessee recently enacted a similar law.

“It is in the community’s best interest to shield minors from activities and performances that are sexual in nature.” SB 115 passed the Veterans Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee and is moving for a full vote in the Senate.