Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

CPC recently interviewed state House candidates to determine endorsements for the upcoming election. These were political newcomers, 28 in all, who didn't have voting records, so CPC's political advisory committee vetted them to determine the depth of their convictions and skillset necessary to shore up Kentucky's foundations if elected to serve in the legislature.

CPC political advisory committee members consisted of attorneys, former legislators, physicians, pastors and regular citizens. Their  heart for restoring the Commonwealth's founding principles bound them together in this mission.  One team member shared his discouragement with conservative political prospects prior to the interview sessions. But after meeting and talking with so many capable and principled candidates with convictional leadership skills his hope was restored and he walked away revitalized to engage.

Government is too important to be left to the permanent political class. We must remember that it's our government—yours and mine, all of us regular people who work hard, raise families, participate in church, and are involved with community life. Each of us assembled around the table realized that sharing our convictions and influencing the election process is a gift. One that we mustn't ever take for granted.

The team at CPC is doing the heavy lifting of candidate vetting. We're also preparing voter guides for every state House, Senate and U.S. Congressional race for the November 6 election. We're in this together and our goal is to help make it easier for you to vote your values and make this a better Commonwealth through improved leadership in November. 

If you're interested in helping these principled candidates get elected through direct mail pieces, radio ads and digital ads that will be run in targeted legislative districts, you may donate here.