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CPC Is Pleased AG Cameron is Defending SB 150
Date: May 5, 2023
Contact: Richard Nelson –

(Frankfort, KY) – CPC applauds Attorney General Daniel Cameron for vowing to defend SB 150 in court. SB 150 protects gender dysphoric children from puberty blockers and irreversible surgery that could render them infertile.

The ACLU claims the bill impedes “gender affirming care,” and interferes with parental rights. “Children suffering from gender dysphoria should be supported and cared for,” said CPC Executive Director Richard Nelson. “Giving confused minors high doses of hormones that alter their physiology and pushing surgical alterations are neither affirming or supportive.”

Nelson points to the testimony of two young women who testified before the state legislative committees about the debilitating effects that high and prolonged doses of testosterone left them with. “Minors cannot make such life-altering decisions that could render them infertile and compromise their health,” Nelson said.

Despite the ACLU’s argument that the law interfere’s with the parent-child relationship, it is clear that parental rights have limits. “Parents cannot give their children alcohol and tobacco for health and safety reasons,” Nelson said. “SB 150 makes clear that similar health and safety concerns preempt parents from medically altering their children’s biological sex through potentially dangerous hormones or mutilation surgery.”

We applaud AG Cameron’s commitment to defend SB 150 against the ACLU attorneys who’ve not considered the long-term health of children.