Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

CPC Holds Town Meeting on LGBT Rights
DATE: January 20, 2015
CONTACT: Richard Nelson (270) 719-1640

(Murray, KY)—Tonight the Commonwealth Policy Center will hold a town meeting at Murray State University on the implications of elevating sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) to civil rights status. The Murray City Council was asked to enact a SOGI law in December but met opposition from local residents.

Richard Nelson, executive director of the nonpartisan public policy group, will address the proposed ordinance and said that most people are unaware of what it would do to religious freedom and the rights of private employers. “When the public understands the arbitrary nature of the law and considers that there have been no documented cases of SOGI discrimination in Murray, they end up opposing it.”

“Significant policy proposals should be accompanied by robust debate, mutual respect, and an attempt at better understanding,” Nelson said. “Unfortunately, those who oppose such laws have been demonized and caricatured as close-minded and bigoted. This meeting aims to change that perception.”
The meeting begins at 6 PM tonight at the Curris Center Stables room. There will be a time of question and answer afterward.