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CPC Celebrates Pornhub’s Departure from Kentucky
June 14, 2024
CONTACT: Richard Nelson (

(Frankfort, KY) – CPC’s celebrates Pornhub’s impending departure from Kentucky on July 10 in the wake of the General Assembly’s passage of HB 278, which requires age verification for accessing pornographic websites.

“This is a win for the protection of Kentucky’s children,” said CPC Executive Director Richard Nelson. “Because of HB 278, Pornhub was expected to leave the state. And to that I say good riddance. Child pornography and other abusive material will no longer be available in Kentucky from mainsteam sites like Pornhub. And our children are much safer because of it.”

A dozen other states have passed similar laws since 2022, with striking results. After Pornhub chose to cooperate with an age verification law in Louisiana, the site’s traffic dropped by 80%. It’s understandable that Pornhub would decide to protest by blocking all access, but this is a commonsense protection of vulnerable children who should be guarded from such morally corrosive material accessed online.

HB 278, which protects minors from online pornography, was sponsored by Sen. Gex Williams (R-Verona) and signed into law by Gov. Andy Beshear on April 5 of this year.