Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

The 2017 General Assembly session is at the half-way mark. Here are several Bills CPC is tracking:

2nd Amendment
SB 7 would drop requirement to take class for concealed carry
HB 101 would allow local governments to limit sales of arms and ammo

Planned Parenthood
SB 8 prohibits state and local funds from being used… to an entity, organization, or individual that provides abortion services

HB 149 prohibiting the use of public resources for abortion services. Defines "affiliate," to provide that public funds shall not be paid to any entity or affiliate of an entity that provides abortion services, and to establish exceptions.

SB 17 The Student Free Speech & Religious Liberty Act. Protects the expression of religious or political viewpoints in public schools and public postsecondary institutions. Passed Senate 31-3 (2-10-17)

HB 128  Bible literacy bill as a public school elective course. Passed House by vote of 80-14 (2-23-17).

HB 58 authorize home school students to participate in a public school sports and  extracurricular activity.

HB 141 prohibits biological males from using girls restrooms and locker rooms in public schools.

HB162 scholarship granting organizations and in return receive a nonrefundable tax credit. The organizations would award needs-based scholarships for public school students to attend a nonpublic school.

HB 520 would allow only local school boards to review and approve public charter applications.

SB 159  requires high school graduates to pass basic civics test. Passed Senate  by vote of 37-1 (2-23-17).

Medical Marijuana
SB 76 legalizes medical pot

SB 78 prohibit the use of tobacco products by students, school personnel, and visitors in schools, school vehicles, properties, and activities, must be in place by the 2018-19 school year. Passed Senate 25-8-12 (2-15-17).

Religious Freedom
SB 97 requires pastors to be licensed by the state for counseling.

To voice your opinion on any of these bills you may call the Legislative Message Line at (800) 372-7181. It's open from 8AM-11PM EST.