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Covington Independent School Board Implements SB 150
Date: August 1, 2023
Contact: Cole Cuzick –

(Covington, KY) – Yesterday, the Covington Independent School Board implemented Senate Bill 150 by a vote of 3-1 with one member voting “abstain.” SB 150 protects Kentucky school kids from controversial LGBT indoctrination, age inappropriate sex ed in K-5th, and makes clear that bathroom and locker room policy corresponds to biological sex.

In meetings prior, the Covington Independent School Board claimed it would look to other districts, such as Jefferson County Public Schools, in how they would implement Senate Bill 150, and voted to table the measure for further discussion. In response, several local pastors and community members attended the meeting to speak in favor of implementing Senate Bill 150 in its entirety.

“The local school board followed the law because brave members of the Covington Community stood firm and protected their students from controversial ideology being taught in their classrooms. This is a win for families and parental rights in Covington,” said CPC Political Outreach Director Cole Cuzick