Director, Commonwealth Policy Center

It has been relatively easy lately to be down on America. Between the plight of Kim Davis, the ongoing revelations concerning Planned Parenthood, and the millions of adulterers exposed by the Ashley Madison hack, there are plenty of reasons a person could choose to explain why America appears to be a country that has lost its way. The harrowing image of a child's lifeless body washed upon a beach should convince us all otherwise. Aylan Kurdi was found dead on a Turkish beach last week after his family unsuccessfully tried to flee Syria to make it to Canada. Even in America's darkest moments, have you ever been tempted to attempt a perilous boat journey simply to escape it? The freedoms and advantages of Americans still far outweigh most parts of the world, but so often we become so bogged down in our own troubles that we forget to be thankful for that. Aylan Kurdi was only three years old. He will never be able to enjoy the safety and security an American child does now. Yes, America is an imperfect nation, but it is still a place of hope and opportunity. Let us all remember to be thankful for this every day, no matter what else may be going on.