Commonwealth Policy Center

A proposed constitutional amendment in the Kentucky General Assembly last week would expand school choice options for Kentuckians whose options are limited. Josh Calloway (R-Irvington) sponsored the bill and said at a press conference, “[The amendment] asks the voters to allow the General Assembly to empower parents to send their children to a learning environment that will help them succeed and is focused on the best fit for each and every child.” The amendment proposal is a response to a recent Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that recently struck down education opportunity accounts. According to a poll by EdChoice, 71% of Kentucky’s likely voters support school choice expansion. And by all indications expanding school choice opportunities for middle and low-income parents who want the best educational option for their children has a lot of support in the legislature. House Majority Whip Jason Nemes said, “The Kentucky Supreme Court opinion, while a temporary setback, is actually going to be a really good thing for Kentucky students and Kentucky families going forward. Because we’re going to have school choice in Kentucky, and it’s going to be mighty robust.”